{oh hey, friday | beckam is TWO}

Today is my baby's birthday.
Beckam is officially a two year old.
So, naturally, this post is going to be ALL about him, and off the typical Oh hey, Friday format.
This will include a massive photo dump.
I just couldn't help it. 
Just look at how cute he is:
This kid.
He is such a sweet boy.
He loves a lot of things.
But most of all, he loves our dog Gunner.
I mean, I sometimes catch him up and out of his room in the middle of the night, laying on the floor next to him trying to snuggle.
He cries if he doesn't get to give Gunner a kiss goodbye.
He hugs and hangs on Gunner's neck saying, "oooh, Gunner, it's ok."
He may have a slight obsession. 
Some of his other loves: his blanket, his family, tractors - mostly backhoes, and anything that Brody is playing with.
He is also quite the talker! 
I'm talking repeat central.
Also, his ability to form complete sentences surprises me.
Even though his enunciation still has a ways to go.
Despite his nasty food allergies, Beckam is a great little eater.
And far less picky than his big brother was.
He is by far messier, but that's ok.
Currently he is crazy for fruit.
Every day when we go outside he heads straight for our strawberry patch.
It keeps him busy for a long time, and the excitement EVERY time he finds another one is adorable.
"oh yea! another one!"
He would eat fruit leathers simultaneously ALL day long if it was an option.
He also loves spaghetti, cheese sticks, corn on the cob, sausage/hot dogs, olives, and pretty much whatever you put in front of him.
Beckam used to be the BEST sleeper in all of the land.
I mean, go to bed at 6:30pm and wake at 7:30am.
And then… the crib got transitioned into an escapable toddler bed.
Usually he does great and sleeps all night, he just wakes up much earlier.
And sometimes, he doesn't do great and wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night causing him to be the grumpiest child in the world the next day.
Considering this is all a bit new, I'm hoping he will pull his crap together and get back on his 13 hours of sleep a night.
Currently Beckam LOVES to go.
Usually with Daddy. To work.
Because this means he doesn't have to be strapped into a carseat.
And because spending time with your super fun dad and your favorite creature {Gunner} all while riding in a tractor of some kind is pretty much the best day ever. 
Throw in some delicious snacks and a diaper and he would literally stay there all day.
When my farmer comes by the house to drop him off, he pretty persistently says, "no house!" over and over.
I swear, he loves me a lot though.
Beckam and Brody bicker a lot.
But these two love each other a lot more.
Beckam is so sweet to Brody, and tries to be gentle about the transition of ruining his only child syndrome.
He makes sure to always get two of everything so he can give one to Brody, loving dubbed as "BuBu".
He can't go to bed without giving Brody hugs and kisses. 
He wants to copy and do absolutely everything Brody does.
I truly hope that they become and stay best of friends.
Beckam's personality is funny.
He has a little bit of stone-coldness to him.
Like the most serious face you've ever seen.
And really, it's all a ruse.
He does it to be funny.
And when/ if you can make eye contact with him… he cracks. 
He loves to laugh.
He can also be very stubborn and selfish.
But he can also be very sweet and caring.
I love this kid so much it hurts.
And the hugs that he gives… like, real squeeze me tight hugs?
They are the absolute best.
And the way that he says, "I love you mommy!" every night as I lay him in his bed?
I hope that never ever stops.

It is sad to see your baby grow up in what seems like triple the speed of your first born… like I physically feel my throat tighten and eyes well as I think about it.
But every day gets more fun.
{knock on wood… hopefully we can steer clear of the terrible two's)
And the amount of joy and love that Beckam brings to our lives is unexplainable.

We love you Beckam Stille. 
Keep on rockin' YOU.

- - - - - - 

And now, I suppose I should tell you more about this link up...

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Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend friends!



{oh hey, friday | getting random}

Somehow it is Friday again.
I'm not mad about it.
However it does mean that we are only one week away from my baby turning TWO!
Does this mean I can't call him my baby anymore?
I didn't think so.

Moving on.
It's link up time.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And now to discuss five totally random items.

1. | rocksbox
Please tell me you guys have heard of Rocksbox?
Let me give you a quick run down...
Rocksbox is the premiere destination to borrow jewelry before you buy. For a monthly fee, Rocksbox members receive a highly curated box of designer jewelry with the option to borrow, buy or swap at any time. They feature 30+ amazing designers including Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and Loren Hope. 
It's basically like renting jewelry from the best closet ever.
 I'm pretty much in love with it.
This month I received this darling arrow ring, a delicate and chic necklace along with a beaded leather wrap bracelet.
I think they nailed it. 
When you sign up you fill out a little profile that gives them a better idea of what your style is.
You may even be able to handpick items that you'd like to receive.
So fun!
If you'd like to sign up and get your first month free go to Rocksbox and enter code:

2. | birthday
Let's go back and dwell on this birthday thing a little bit more.
My baby is obsessed with tractors.
Imagine that.
SO, naturally I am getting a green and yellow party in order for him.
I spent some kid free time in Boise yesterday gathering some essentials.
I'm also planning on making him his own egg free tractor cake.
I've made plenty of tractor cakes in my day, but this one makes me a little nervous.
Egg free cake isn't the easiest to work with.
I'm devising a plan though.
But wish me luck.

3. | potty training
Speaking of Beckam…
he is currently working hard to potty train himself.
I'm pretty sure I have Brody to thank for this.
I over heard him tell Beckam the other day, "Time to go to the potty. It's potty train time!"
Thata boy!
Hopefully things will keep progressing, with very little pushing on my behalf.

4. | big brother
Speaking of Brody…
he's quite the big brother.
My mother-in-law sent me this picture yesterday.
Apparently Beckam wanted to snuggle and Brody was happy to oblige.
He is the sweetest boy.
Now if Brody could teach his brother that he doesn't need that pacifier anymore, we'd be in business!

5. | sod
Remember that lovely mother's day present of sod that I received?
It was the best mother's day present I have received, and maybe the only. :)
Who would've thought that more grass to add to my acre of mowing would be good.
I just really love the look of green and tidy lawn. Ya know?
Wouldn't it be nice if I had a picture to share with you all of just how nice it looks?
It would.
But I'm lame, and don't have any.
And it's dark outside.
So, check back later, I will add one.

Have a terrific weekend friends!



{mother's day + promo code}

This mother's day was pretty fantastic.
I mean how could it not be when fruit filled waffle cones are involved?
 Or these lemon blueberries cupcakes I whipped up.
And floral straws in mason jars? Yes, please.
 Karli was a wonderful hostess, especially since we spent all day trashing her house.
I tried as much as possible to leave my farmer in charge of the boys.
 Clearly they had a good time also.
 It's cute now. But wait another 13 years… I think we will probably frown upon this. 

We ended the day picking some wild field-side asparagus for dinner. 
 I sure am lucky to be a mommy to these sweet boys. 

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{bloggers unite + giveaway}

A couple of Sunday's ago, we had a little get together with local Idaho bloggers.
Yes, there were five of us.
There may not be many bloggers in Idaho, but that doesn't mean we aren't awesome.
These gals far exceeded my expectations.
They are all so so fun!

We started out the luncheon waiting about 30 minutes to be seated.
The hunger pains were real.
And when our table was ready, Karli and I practiced our good hostess skills by making the gals wait in the foyer while we set up the table with some goodies. 
Luckily there was the best all day brunch buffet waiting for us.
No. I'm serious. It was the best meal I've eaten in a while.
 We went back a couple of times.
No shame.

But even better than the food?
These gals.
We laughed a lot.
And we talked blogging, hobbies, domains, advertising, life, etc.
Because let's get real… I know my husband doesn't like to talk about these things. Especially blogging.
It was great to get into it with some gals that totally get my weird obsession and tactics.

If you haven't gotten together with fellow bloggers around your area, do it.
It's worth it.

Now back to those goodies we placed on the table.
Morgan from The Lovely Raindrop so graciously gifted us with some of her darling necklaces.
Dainty and perfect.
I am kind of obsessed with everything in her shop.
Some of you have the chance to win one of her necklaces too. Holla!

Remember, there are multiple winners! 
Have a great rest of the week.



{oh hey, friday | some upcoming excitement}

Let's just hop right to it, shall we?

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- - - - - - -

1. | Mother's Day
Mother's day is upon us.
And while my momma isn't close enough to get to spend the day with her, I'm super excited that she will be here in just a couple of weeks.
Instead of spending the day with my mom, I am spending the day being a mom.
Not too shabby really.
Especially since Karli is hosting a little brunch party.
Let the children roam free and eat as many of these as physically possible?
I'm game.

My farmer doesn't usually get me a gift for mother's day.
Because, well… I'm not his mom.
And then, when Father's Day rolls around, and I buy him something, he feels bad.
But this year, he was on top of things.
Firstly, he sent me on a little shopping spree. Pretty super.
Shopping isn't really up his alley though.
So, what better gift for me than...

2. | sod
Yes. Sod. As in grass.
Yesterday my farmer took one of his semi's and picked up a whole lotta sod.
This will be going around the boys' playground.
I'm not sure if I'm more excited about actual underground sprinklers or already grown grass.
It's the little things.
Last year when we planted seed in this same spot, it became 80% weeds.
We would probably attempt seeding again, however we've got a party coming up…

3. | Beckam's birthday
Yes. Beckam is having a party.
Can we just take a moment of silence for this picture?

Ok. Moving on. 
This big guy will be TWO in just TWO weeks! 
I will be writing more "I can't believe it" posts, but for now I will tell you that he is going to be having a tractor themed party.
This farm thing is engrained in these kids. 
And they are obsessed.
I'm not new to this tractor party thing, but I am trying to mix it up so it has it's own spice compared to everything else I've done.
Time will tell I suppose.

4. | farm season
My farmer is all done planting.
This is pretty freaking fantastic.
And while he only has a slight lull in his workload, we aren't complaining.
Soon it will be time to start cutting hay and he'll be gone again.
At least during that stint we actually get money rolling in, not out. Holla!

5. | advertise
I'm starting to set up this months group giveaway.
This gets lots of entries and lots of new followers for those participating.
If you'd like to hop aboard I'd love to have you.
I'm offering a $5 off discount code on all medium ad spaces for the next week only.
Click here to get to my advertise page, and use code MEDIUM5!

Have a terrific weekend, and mother's day!



{my go-to shoes | avarca sandals}

 You know when you find a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore?
And you want to wear them everywhere you go?
That's me right now.
Obsessed with these Avarca Sandals.
These Spanish leather sandals are everything.
They are no where near being worn out {and probably never will be} BUT I already have my eyes set on these:
I mean, what's not to love?
Sling back, check.
Leather, check.
Impressively handmade in Spain, check.
Comfortable, double check.
Let me give you a little history. 
The Avarca Store began when Samuel Florit, born and raised in Menorca (Spain), moved to New York with his greek-american wife to pursue their careers in Manhattan. 
Here is what he has to say about the reasons for starting this awesome company:

As a “Menorqui” (which means born and raised in Menorca in catalan, my local language) I grew up all my life wearing avarcas, the traditional footwear in Menorca. My love for my homeland, culture and tradition always been a strong part of me even when I am living thousands of miles away.

Once I moved in the USA I couldn’t find a shop where to buy avarcas. And this is how everything began, I decided to import avarcas from the best artisans in Menorca on my own and offer them to the rest of world.

This project is bringing me so much joy, keeps me a little closer to Menorca and gives me the chance to offer to the rest of the world the opportunity to enjoy this simple and beautifully handcrafted leather sandals made in Menorca. The Avarcas.

And boy am I happy he is. 
These shoes are my not only super cute, but they are hands down the most comfortable sandal I have ever owned.
Brody is lucky enough to have a pair too.
And if my farmer didn't wear boots his whole life, he might have gotten a pair also.
It makes me happy to support a family run business.
And I think it's pretty neat that these traditional shoes from another country can be made at home here.

You can check out The Avarca Store here:

If you want to join me in having the best go-to shoes around, you can get $10 off through the end of the month using code AMY10 at checkout.
Now go grab yourself some avarcas menorquinas!

You're welcome.

EDIT: after I published this post the first time, my dad emailed me.
Apparently his side of the family originated in Menorca, Spain - which is where these sandals are made.
Pretty cool, huh!?
I suppose I am just carrying on a family tradition now. Ha.

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