{oh hey, friday | how we spilled the pregnancy beans}

In case you missed my post yesterday, I'm pregnant!!!!
Woot woot!
I will spare you guys from a dozen pictures of me today though, and instead share some other fun things from the pregnancy so far.

1 | how I told my farmer
First off, I didn't tell him.
My farmer has what is known as diarrhea of the mouth.
When I found out that I was pregnant this go around, we were about to head off on a trip with his family and I didn't really want everyone knowing that early.
So, no one knew.

Nearly two weeks I held this in.
And then, it was time.
I was emotional, and kind of crazy.
And he was going to call me out if I didn't tell him first.

So, I fancied up this little number:
I can't say he was surprised.
But he was definitely excited.

It was fun to do something a little special to tell him too,
since I've just told him the first moment I found out in the past.

2 | how we told friends and family
We waited a month before telling anyone.
And Ryan did surprisingly good at keeping his mouth shut.
I only threatened him a little bit.
And he only managed to tell our banker… and fertilizer salesman by default because he overheard him telling the banker.
Not bad.
I had big plans to tell all of our family and friends together.
It worked out very nicely that we had a big get together for Beckam's birthday.

It went down as follows:
I purchased two big brother shirts for the boys, and a big brother balloon.
The day of the party I packaged it all up in a big box, and taped a picture of the ultrasound onto the balloon string.
After everyone had arrived, and while we were doing a welcome, I said that we were going to let Beckam open just one present because he was so excited.
Everyone was gathered around and it was just perfect.
Here is a video of the actual moment…

3 | how we told the boys
The boys had no idea what was going on when they opened up the present {as you may have noticed}, so I had to pull them aside and tell them.
Brody has been wanting a baby in the family, so naturally he was very excited.
 Beckam could care less. Oreo's are far more interesting.
 Or maybe they both hate the idea?
No, definitely just Beckam. 
 I think he is coming around. 
He doesn't really understand what is going on honestly.

4 | how we told our friends
I wish I could have come up with a creative way to tell our friends far away.
But, I didn't.
Lame, I know.
And since this is our last babe, there will be no next time. Oops.
Tell me, did you use a creative way to tell friends or family that you were pregnant!?

5 | hop on board the pregnancy train
What better way to celebrate this little babe than an ad sale!
Am I right?
In honor of our 3rd child, for one week I will be offering 30% off any ad space!
You can check out the options HERE and enter code FARMBABY at checkout.

- - - - - - - -

And now… it's time for you to join in on this fabulous link up.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of the button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

On that note, happy 4th of July weekend! 
Hope you all have a fabulous time.



{we are having another BABY!}

Say what!?
It's true.
I've got a baby in my belly!
As you can see.
We are so thrilled to be bringing another precious babe into our lives.
My body was certainly onboard too.
My uterus was all, "Yea, no prob. I got this. POW!"
Are you ready for the details!?
In addition to a ton of pictures of myself?
I am 16 weeks pregnant!
24 to go.
Baby will be coming mid December.
This timing is not ideal for our Christmas plans to head to California, however it works out quite nicely since there will be no farming going on.
The boys {mostly Brody} are extremely excited also.
We will see how excited they are once they have to start sharing a bedroom. 
And their mommy. :)
I am excited, and honestly slightly nervous, to join the team of parenting THREE kids.
I hear it's the hardest number of children to have.
And that's where we are stopping.
I guess I just like a good challenge, right?
Ok. Now to the nitty gritty.

stats | baby #3

how far along | 16 weeks

size of baby | avocado! 4 1/2 inches long and about 3 1/2 ounces.Also, did you know that this little baby's heart is pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day!?

weight gain | not sure this will be something that I chronicle throughout the pregnancy, seeing as how I gained a good 40 pounds with each of the boys. I am happy to say though that at my last appointment I had gained a big zero pounds. I do have an appointment today, and based on that bump in the pictures, I am definitely up a couple pounds.

gender | we will most certainly be finding out the gender of this babe at our 20 week ultrasound. Four more weeks! 
I cannot wait to find out.
I've tried the ring test… it has given me both lines and circles.
The wives tales are split down the middle.
And my intuition is crap. 
So, I have no clue.
At this point I'm just hoping for only one gender.

feeling | luckily things started looking up for me a couple of weeks ago. I was super duper nauseous at the beginning… hence the lack of blogging… oops.
I am finally getting my energy back and rarely feel nauseous. 
I definitely still have lots of aversions to food though.

craving | I don't think that I am necessarily craving anything. There are lots of food that I am enjoying though. 
Pizza. Cheesecake. 
Super healthy right!?
Luckily I'm not indulging in these often.
And I really really wanted to buy a huge thing of gelato at Costco, but I had good will power.
I'd like to not gain 40+ pounds this time around.
Since it is like 140 degrees outside lately, fruit and salads sound delicious most of the time.

sleeping | I am on the tail end of being able to sleep on my stomach. Whomp whomp.
This means my sleeping is about to get much much worse.
Beckam has been very generous though in preparing me for less sleep. He sometimes gets out of his bed around 10 times between the hours of 1 and 3 am. He's such a peach.

movement | I think I might have felt the little babe move. Maybe it was gas bubbles. Not sure.
Nothing consistent or hard enough to be sure yet.
In the next few weeks I bet things will start happening.
That is one of my favorite parts of pregnancy!
And since we are planning on this being our last babe, I am going to try and soak it all in.
Stay tuned for more info and news on the baby front!
Like how I told my farmer.
Or our families.



{adorable boutique + discount code}

It's July. 
Which means only one thing…
Whoop whoop!

Speaking of my birthday…today, I've got the most darling online shop to share with you all.
And it is likely that I will be buying myself some of my own gifts from there.
 East & Linbrooke is an online boutique based out of Nashville, Tennessee that specializes in women's fashion and accessories without the boutique price tag. 
They pride themselves in having unique, stylish fashion that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. 
Nothing on East & Linbrooke is over $50!
And it is ALL seriously adorable.
I am loving these earrings from East & Linbrooke, and wear them ALL the time.
I've got a few things on my wish list too…
I am so happy to tell you that you can get 10% off on your purchase also, using the code FARMWIFE10.
That is a steal of a deal, especially since their prices are so great anyway!

Please check out their site HERE and see for yourself.

 They can also be found in the following areas:

Happy shopping friends!



{the universe is screwing with me}

It's only Tuesday, and our week is off to a very interesting start.
I'm all about the schedules and knowing what is going on in a day.
That isn't happening.
The universe is screwing with me.

Yesterday was supposed to be Brody's last t-ball game of the season, followed by a team BBQ.
Well, with it being 109 degrees and all, they decided to cancel all of that.
Can't say that I blame them, but Brody was definitely bummed… along with his entourage of guests that were planning on joining.

Instead of baking in the sun, we took a trip to Costco.
Here, I learned a couple of things:

1 | When you take your husband, he will let your children run wild.
Out of the cart.
This, I never do.
They were all over, and nearly got run over by other peoples carts… oh, like a dozen times!
Never happening again.

2 | I am way better at playing tetris and packing food in the cart than the Costco employees.
The lady asked how we got it all in.
I should have showed her since each of us, including the boys, had to carry something in our arms out of the store.

Costco. Bless them.

Last night, minutes before my farmer was heading out the door to bale bunch of hay…
a massive thunder storm rolled through and dumped rain on us for about 3 minutes.
3 minutes too much.
At least my farmer finally got a full night of sleep!

This morning was no different as far as not keeping to any sort of schedule.
Typically Tuesdays we wake up and head to Boise for the boys gymnastics class.
Instead this Tuesday is going to be spent at home.
I am going to be playing nurse to my two boys who both woke up with some sort of sickness.
Brody has an upset stomach.
And Beckam is super congested.

I'm crossing my fingers that I can stay healthy, and they will get over this crud like in an hour.
Just throwing that out there.
That'd be super.

Let's see where the rest of this week takes us! 
All I know is that you are going to want to come back and see my post on Thursday.
Trust me.

Stay healthy friends.
It is freaking summer after all.



{move your booty | all call}

Tomorrow, June 30th, will be the last day to sign up for the Move Your Booty Challenge ! #bootymove

if you missed my post on Friday here are the details...

The whole idea is to stay motivated to move more throughout the day! So, if you have a fitbit or pedometer or some other magical way to count your steps we're in bizz-nass. your goal is to hit 10,000 steps five days a week for the entire month of July. That's at least 50k steps each week....or 200k steps for the entire month. If you hit your goal of 50k steps each week you'll be qualified to win the pot of entries! (ie. if 50 people participate in this challenge and pay their $1...the winner of the challenge will receive $50.) so...

1 | fill out THIS FORM and send in your $1 via paypal to my gal Karli at… karlib83@gmail.com.

2 | the challenge starts on July 1st and ends the 31st. (this means you have some buffer days at the beginning, but it's crunch time that last week when you only get 6 days!)

3 | TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Feel free to advertise this challenge to anyone // everyone! husband, boyfriend, sister, mother, cousin, boss, co-worker...Let's get after it!

4 | questions? send me an e-mail.

If this whole concept sounds familiar, you're right. Erin from over at living in yellow does a fitness challenge of the same format. It's super fun and super motivating so I super recommend participating in any challenge you can get your hands on.

Let's get our fit-nass on! Move our booty's!

ps. Karli created a little button that we can all throw on our sidebars or in a blog post should you feel like you want to share this little fitness challenge with everyone! just copy the HTML below into your blogpost or on your sidebar and if anyone clicks on it it will bring them to this blog post letting them know what the move your booty challenge is all about!



{oh hey, friday | health and fitness}

Hi friends!
Happy Friday.
Let's just hop right into it today.

Go ahead and write up a post about five things, paste the html of this pretty new button below on your post, and link up at the bottom.

- - - - - - - - 

1. | Move Your Booty
Let's keep each other going!
Karli and I are putting together a fun little challenge starting on July 1 {five days!} and we'd love for YOU to join! 
The challenge is for each person that participates to hit a 10,000 step goal five out of the seven day week…. that's 50,000 steps a week minimum… 200,000 steps for the month of July.
Totally doable.

To participate you pay $1.
At the end of the month each person will email in their reporting form saying how many steps you got in each day {that will be available after sign up}.
Everyone who hits the goal will be entered to win the money that everyone put in to join - the whole shebang.
Super fun right!?
If you'd like to sign up click HERE.
And believe me, you want to sign up.
Get excited, get your fitbit/pedometer charged, and get ready for some friendly competition!

Also, if you'd like to share this competition with anyone and everyone please do.
The more participants, the more money you have the chance on winning!
Here is an awesome button miss Karli whipped up:

2. | Grilled Buffalo Chicken Salad
With it being in the triple digits lately, I've been on the lookout for some healthy and summerish dinners.
I found this salad on Pinterest and have to make it ASAP!

3. | Elliptical
I've been hopping on the elliptical in the evenings after I put the boys to bed.
Share your tricks with me though!
I get so bored.
I focus so much on every single minute.
Do I need to invest in a TV to mount in front of it?
Will that encourage me to go for longer without even realizing it?
Or shall i just suck it up?
What do you do when you are on a treadmill or elliptical?

4. | Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats
Before I know it we are going to be bombarded with more zucchini than I know what to do with.
I am being proactive and finding some healthy and delicious uses for them.
This recipe looks super yummy!

5. | Home Workouts
Have you guys seen those videos on Facebook… or other places I'm sure… of people using what they have at home to work out?
Like paper plates. And a slick floor.
Check this out:
I usually like to blame not working out a lot on the fact that we live so far away from a gym.
Clearly this gives me no more excuses.

I'm going to go and attempt this now.
Wish me luck.



{farewell pacifiers pt. 2}

A little over two years ago I wrote THIS post saying farewell to Brody's pacifiers and explaining how we weaned him of them.
Well just a mere few days ago I decided to do the same exact thing to Beckam's.
Once they hit two, I am on a mission to do two things:
1. Potty train.
2. No more pacis.

I used the exact same technique that I had used with Brody.
I scoured every room of the house, the vehicles, and behind his bed to find every single pacifier that we own.
NPLB: no paci left behind.
Next, I took the pile of pacifiers to a secret corner of the house and snipped the ends with a pair of scissors. 
I then put them back in his room, just waiting until bedtime hit.
{luckily he isn't as obsessed with them as Brody was… he only uses them to sooth himself while falling asleep}

This is very strategic because it is important that he doesn't know that I am the one who ruined them.
I had been telling him that he was a big boy now, and sometimes pacifiers break once you get too big.
Yes. I lied. 
And guess what?
It didn't fly.

I went to lay him down for bed and I watched as he placed that snipped "night night" in his mouth.
He immediately took it out and inspected it.
He told me that it sounded like a tractor and then shoved it right back in his mouth.
What!? This was not the plan.

A few seconds later, he took it out again. 
He didn't really like it.
I asked him if it was broken, and he asked for another.
I handed him another snipped paci.

At this point he realized that this was it.
This is how they were now. 
He took it in stride, and kept it in his mouth.

He didn't have the best night of sleep that night, but the next morning he walked out of his room holding his blanket with his pacifier in his mouth.

I would consider this a fail.
I think this kid is too smart for me.

SO… I need a new strategy.
The one that worked so so flawlessly for Brody, didn't even phase Beckam.
And I am at a loss.
It never ceases to amaze me how different my kids are.

Did you wean your kid from a pacifier?
How did you do it?
Give me all the details. Really. I'm begging.

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