{broken bones + exploded apples}

It's been a wild, full and fun last few days.
I volunteered a few days at our church for a yard sale.
And... I don't think I was the person for the job.
Trying to sell other peoples junk isn't my forte.
Instead of doing the sale a second day, I made the decision to buy the rest of the goodies and then take them directly to goodwill.
It was the right thing to do.

While I was busy yard sale-ing my farmer had a bit of calm before the harvest storm.
He not only watched the boys, but also built me this storage bench for our dining room.

He gets a gold star.
And a couple good game butt slaps.
Now, I just need to paint the bench.
And paint the wall.
And put some decor on the wall.
AND find or build a new table.

We also had two gatherings on the farm over the weekend.
We invited our whole church over for lunch on Saturday.
This entailed me not doing much of anything except for allowing people to bring their food, and eat it on my lawn. 
I also was able to have them pick my garden and take some of our abundance of baby tomatoes and cucumbers.
And there was only one arm broken.
It also had to happen to the sweetest girl that was the biggest help in wrangling all of the wild children.
Party foul.

{picture stolen straight from Karli's blog}
Yesterday I also whipped together a little birthday BBQ for a farmer friend.
My gal Karli blogged a bit about it here though, so you can go and check it out! :)
Spoiler: we invented a new game. Apple ball.
Picture a surplus of apples from our tree, an old wooden bat, and lots of apple juice splatter on our faces.
Apple explosion.
And now broken bones.
I don't think I want to face my yard today though.

 Cheers to a new week!



{oh hey, friday | 5 favorite pins}

Hey hey hey!
Happy 10 week anniversary to this here little link up.
Thanks to all you lovely bloggers for joining us each week!
Y'all are awesome.

This may be redundant, but here's how to join in if you'd like to:
Write up your post on five things.
Add the button below.
Link up at the bottom of my post.

Today, I am writing about just a few of my favorite pins from Pinterest.

1. | Guest House/Homeschool
I have high hopes here friends.
Being a teacher and all, I plan on homeschooling our boys for a while.
Considering our house is about 1100 square feet, having a separate space is certainly ideal.
It will double as a guest house also.
It'll happen.
And here's my inspiration:

2. | Dining Room
We are currently in the process of redoing our dining room.
I fell in love with this dining room:
So far I have the white chairs and the chandelier.
Like I said before, our farm house is small... which leads me to number 3.

3. | Bench
We are {aka, my farmer} building a bench for one side of the dining room table.
As in... there is saw dust on every. single. thing.
I love the bench on the above pic...
and that is where I got the idea to do it in our house.
Ours is looking a bit different though.
Like... there is no top on it at all.
Open pit.
BUT, soon... it will be complete.
Stay tuned for a whole post on the dining room renovation. 

4. | Autumn
Fall is quickly approaching.
This means a couple of things.
Firstly, I'm already missing summer.
Secondly, I am already planning for my annual harvest party.
This pumpkin scarecrow will definitely be happening this year...
we have some seriously huge pumpkins in the garden just waiting for their moment to shine.

5. | Food
Above all other things that I pin...
food is on there the most.
Usually sweets, because... well, that's what I always seem to be craving.
However this three cheese quinoa skillet mac and cheese is going to be my next venture.

And that's a wrap!
Cross your fingers that this construction zone in our house will be over ASAP.

Have a great weekend friends!
Can't wait to read your "Oh hey, Friday" posts.



{a new member in the family}

This precious little baby was born into the family a month ago.
It is my brother and his wife's first babe.

Brody and I were able to make it down to California this past weekend and snuggle with her for the first time.
We were only there for about 36 hours, but it was worth it.
I was able to do a photo shoot with her even.
I mean... just look at this face!

My parents and aunt and uncles were able to come over while I was there too!
I sure love mini family reunions.

Brody was more than a little bit in love with his new cousin.
He named her "Skarloey" before she was even born...
and the name stuck real real good.
Poor girl won't be getting called Olivia much from this end of the family.



{recipe | avocado chicken salad}

I have the easiest recipe ever for you today.
And it is delicious too!

As many of you may know, 
Beckam is allergic to eggs.
This makes egg salad sandwiches death between bread.
I didn't want to give up on "salad" sandwiches all together though...
and vegenaise only tastes so good for so long.
So I made up this chicken salad sandwich.


one can chicken breast
one avocado
handful of baby tomatoes
onion salt to taste

Toss all ingredients into a bowl.
Stir/mash up until desired consistency.
Spread on toast.

I was pleasantly surprised with just how delicious it was.
Even if you aren't allergic to eggs or dairy.

Ps. Beckam owned that sandwich.
In about two minutes flat it was gone.



{feature post | simply love... an instagrammable summer}

I am super excited to have Nelle from Simply Love taking over my blog today.
She is an absolute doll, which each of you should be following...
if you aren't already.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

hi! i am nelle and i began blogging in january of 2013. i discovered amy's blog this summer and am very grateful - i have learned so much and have met so many great girls/bloggers in the process- so thank you, amy!! 
i explore and share on my blog what inspires me… and most of all, what i love.

over the past year, i have grown to absolutely love {love} instagram for so many reasons… it's become a place of daily inspiration, a place for friendships/networking, and a place to document one of my favorite things in life - photos.

i feel like life is precious - so i blog. i blog to document the simplicity, the beauty, the power of living every single day to the fullest.

most of my blog consists of photos that i either take or photos that inspire me…

therefore, i have decided to share some of my instagram photos from this summer with you all…

it was a wonderful one {i hope the same for you} - one that i am very thankful for <3

mr. monaco and i celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on june 29 
we traveled to st. simon's island in georgia and absolutely fell in love with the quaint beach town 
we rented bikes, went to the beach/pier, enjoyed seafood, stayed at on old inn/pub, explored boutiques and ate our one year old wedding cake… 
to be honest, it was just ok {if that.}. he loved it much more than i did…
if i had to do it over again, i would have followed this advice for how to preserve your topper
i met up with a bunch of charlotte creatives for a picnic in the park - so fun. 
we celebrated my sister's bachelorette party in charleston, south carolina-
if you have never been, put it on your list
it's beautiful. 

her bridal shower took place in june
in our hometown in ohio 
it was a great day/night of celebrating … 
i absolutely LOVED planning this event for her- my best friend in life. 

i was thankful for so much blog love … 
the people i have met by blogging has been my favorite part- without a doubt.
kind, inspiring, genuine- full of love. 
i enjoyed hanging out with my boy, pierre, this summer…
he's a nine year old himalayan with piercing blue eyes, lots of hair, 
and is the ultimate cuddle muffin
i discovered hot yoga about five and a half years ago and it's changed my life- 
in so many ways.
i tried out a new studio in our neighborhood
complete with an adorable coffee/tea area...
i take a lot of pride in where i live 
and enjoy making our home a 'nest'
mr. monaco and i enjoyed lots of summer dinners and wine on our deck
under the market lights
the pillows are from ikea
and at the moment, i can't get enough of succulents. 
we love our eclectic neighborhood… 
here is our favorite tapas spot-
soul gastrolounge
back to school is in full swing-
a few photos of my classroom 
year 8 
teaching 8th graders language arts
i broke our my wedding shoes again … 
the mrs. monaco shows lots of wedding night dancing love
the monacos are building a house!! 
we decided to share the news with the new #partyparty app {it's super cool- i def recommend trying it out for some photo booth fun} from my two favorite sisters
and favorite blog/inspiration of all time
mr. monaco= the 'we are officially broke' 
nelle= we are going to own our own house!!! 
our new home should be done in december…
i am putting updates on simply love every monday 
be sure to check in - and follow the journey with me 
-this little gem showed up on my door- 
their newest book a happy homemade home came out in august!! 
two creative and sweet sisters i know in charlotte 
began creating beautiful tribal/natural/organic necklaces last fall 
and i fall in love every time they post new items
bring on the pumpkins!!
fall is my favorite- and i can't wait for some crisp cool weather, bonfires, and boots
here are my newest ones from urban outfitters
also, i just saw this funny article this week - 25 things all white girls do in the fall
no shame- i am guilty of 11. 
what about you?
last sunday evening my sister, her fiancé, and some friends of ours in charlotte
experienced our first 'at home cooking class' party and it was a BLAST. 
we laughed, learned so much, and the latin food was delicious. 
i plan to blog soon about the experience, but recommend looking this up in your area...
-an exciting day-
on saturday 9.6.14 i opened up simply love to sponsorships and advertising
i would love to work together <3 

thank you all for following along and for taking time to look through my summer
through insta. 

i feel like it sums up my blog

and what i simply love. 

i would also love to follow one another on instagram 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Head on over and check her out.
And you will probably want to advertise your blog/shop on her blog too.
Just saying.

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